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Oriental Medicine is thousands of years old. It is a holistic and integrative wellness system that promotes natural healing without dangerous side effects.  In oriental medicine, the mental, emotional and physical are parts of the same entity.  This concept takes the whole person into account, both in diagnosis and treatment.  Disease is typically viewed as disorder or disharmony, and treatment is directed toward balancing and harmonizing. 

This powerful system of healing excels in treating a broad range of conditions, both chronic and acute.  Acupuncture can help control pain without drugs, strengthen the immune system, and increase energy and vitality.  It also enhances the body’s ability to recuperate after surgery, an emotional and/or physical trauma, and chronic or acute illness.

The practitioner of Oriental medicine endeavors to restore harmony in the patient in order to promote and maintain good health.  A patient is not diagnosed with "illnesses."  Rather, imbalances in the meridians, organs, blood, and body tissue are assessed on every visit.  

To bring back a natural state of balance, a variety of protocols are used, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, infrared heat therapy (TDP lamp), moxabustion, gentle electrical stimulation therapy, cupping and gua sha.  Your practitioner will decide which of these is the best approach for you.

Advantages of Acupuncture: 


  1. -Integrates harmlessly with any western medical treatment

  2. -Is non-invasive

  3. -Is non-addictive

  4. -Rarely results in adverse side-affects

  5. -Is effective

Key benefits of Acupuncture:

  1. -Boosts the immune system

  2. -Eliminates stress

  3. -Improves sleep 

  4. -Has anti-inflammatory actions

  5. -Relaxes the muscles

  6. -Dissipates pain

  7. -Regulates hormones and body functions

About Acupuncture

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