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Benefits of Trigger Point Acupuncture

  1. Uses your natural ability to heal.

  2. Directly addresses the problem.

  3. Minimum Intervention.

  4. Drug Free solution.

  5. Avoid Surgery.

Acupuncture is often misunderstood because the five thousand year old eastern descriptions do not fit into a modern western understanding.

A modern understanding of acupuncture includes the importance of a properly functioning muscular system and the effects that misbehaving muscle groups can have on seemingly unrelated pain or other health issues.

Traditional acupuncture involves inserting tiny, sterile needles into particular points and letting them sit for a period of time.

Trigger point acupuncture is different. It is a more aggressive, direct treatment of muscular tightness (knots) - known as trigger points. The goal is to generate a repeated, involuntary twitching from the suspect muscle or muscle group, which usually leads to an immediate reduction of the tightness as well as a reduction or elimination of the related problems.

This treatment involves using hands-on touch to locate the unnatural tightness. Next, the acupuncturist inserts an ultra-thin, single-use acupuncture needle into the suspect muscle and gently probes looking to produce localized involuntary twitching. This reaction has the effect of fatiguing the tight muscle and producing an immediate reduction or elimination of the tightness.

Whether the trigger points are caused by incorrect posture or body mechanics, improper or overtraining, new or old injuries, or just life, trigger point acupuncture returns the natural balance to your muscles. It is one of the safest, drug-free ways to address physical problems and usually involves only some short-term muscular soreness caused by the involuntary twitching. The soreness is similar to post workout or deep tissue massage soreness. The prospect of success can usually be determined within 1 to 3 treatments.


Pain-free activity...

Ah, what an ultimate joy!

That feeling you get while moving without hindrance, without hesitation and at your full potential cannot be understated!

Trigger Point Acupuncture
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