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Your acupuncturist will ask questions to evaluate your current and previous health history to determine which treatment options are best suited for you.
Please be sure to eat prior to your acupuncture treatment.  We recommend you wear loose, comfortable clothing.  If patients wear clothing that can be pulled up to the knees and past the elbows, they generally will not need to disrobe or change clothes for the treatment.  Although, specific treatments such as back treatments, may require disrobing.  If you are asked to disrobe, your privacy is respected and you will be covered at all times with only the treatment area exposed.
Before coming in for your first appointment, please print and complete the initial intake forms and bring it to your practitioner on your first visit.  (Forms will be emailed when you book your appointment.)

Does Acupuncture Hurt?
Most people find acupuncture completely painless and very relaxing.  Common sensations include feeling a dull ache, heaviness, warmth, or a slight itching around the needles.  Some people are more sensitive than others.  Please discuss with your acupuncturist if you have a fear of needles or if you are very sensitive.  Your treatment can be modified and done completely without needles or with very fine-haired Japanese needles.   
How many treatments will I need?

Initially, twice a week or weekly treatments are generally recommended for 6-10 weeks.  We will reevaluate your condition often and move you to bi-weekly treatments as you improve.  As your health and vitality continue to improve, treatments will move to every 3 weeks, and eventually once a month.  Acute conditions may take less time, while chronic conditions may take longer or require more frequent visits. It is not uncommon for patients to feel some benefit after their first treatment. 
What kind of needles are used?

We ONLY use FDA approved, sterile, single use, disposable needles. Acupuncture needles are about as thin as a human hair.  After insertion, the needles are commonly stimulated to entice the flow of Qi, at which point patients might feel a dull achy sensation, which dissipates over time.
Do I need to be sick to receive treatments?

No. In fact, coming in when you are well, is one of the best preventative treatments you can do for yourself!  Ultimately, a person can come on a seasonal basis for well-being and support if they are healthy and there are no major stress factors in their lives.
What to Expect
Living Well Acupuncture

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